Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turkey Day is a Comin'

The biggest cooking day of the year is just around the corner.  Whether you are preparing dinner for a crowd or just a small gathering, Thanksgiving is still a big day.  Families come together from all across the country; over the river and through the woods...Family is what Thanksgiving is all about.  After all who we have around the table is more important than what is on the table.

Still food plays an important role in bringing people together, so, are you doing a giant turkey with all the traditional trimmings?  Or do you cook outside the box, making a local favorite, a family specialty or an ethnic delight?

Usually, we have several dinners.  One with my husband's family; they really like to do up the traditional dinner, with china, crystal, silver and lighted candles.  Some of the sides vary from year to year, but there are standards like curried onions.  This was something the boys' mother made, and now they are a much-liked regular. Either before or after this, we get together with friends for a less elaborate feast.  Last year I made a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, and pumpkin pie.

Just in time for the big day, my Penzeys catalog arrived yesterday with a special line up of seasonings for your Turkey roasting pleasure.  There is a traditional poultry seasoning, a Bangkok blend to add a Thai-style flavor to your bird, and their Bicentennial rub full of tasty spices and golden color.
I've created several delicious dishes based on some of their seasoning blends.  Check out their link for more holiday cooking ideas, and for under $8 you can share the joy of Penzeys spices with a delightful mini 4-pack.  Offer good through December 31, 2009.

I'd love to hear your Thanksgiving stories in the comment section.

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