Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recycle Plastic Bottles - It's the Law Now

Effective today, all plastic bottles such as water, soda, detergent, milk, juice, etc. must be recycled.  These items are banned from the landfill going forward.  Here is an excerpt from the city's website:

The city’s curbside recycling program accepts all plastic bottles that have a neck smaller than the base or widest part of the bottle. It does NOT accept bottle caps or tops; antifreeze, pesticide, motor oil or other hazardous material containers; containers that are not bottles, such as deli or yogurt containers, margarine tubs, or flower pots; plastic bottles that are not marked with the recyclable symbol; wide-mouth prescription bottles; plastic bags of any type; plastic wrap, or Styrofoam.  For more information about recycling go to the Recycle Today web site.

I urge all of you to please recycle these items.  North Carolina has several facilities that turn used plastic bottles into new ones.  Another plant makes carpet from plastic bottles.  This will benefit us all by reducing our dependence on foreign oil (plastics are made from petroleum) and providing more jobs by increasing production in our recycling facilities.

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