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Thursday, July 9, 2020

A New Venture!

Greetings everyone!

Back in November 2018, I opened Rosie B. Designs on Zazzle. Now I have opened a second store on Society6, which is similar in some ways and different in others. On Zazzle I match the design with the product, meaning that I create one specific product at a time with one design. On Society6, I upload a design and can then enable it on any product that it fits on (dimension wise). Like Zazzle, not every design works on every product and the means to the end is different.

While some designs will be ones already on Rosie B. Designs, many will not. There are a lot of things to take into consideration which I won't bore you with here but are issues one must deal with.

Anyway, while it is still in it's infancy and a work in progress, I would be pleased if any of y'all who stop by here would check it out. You can find my store at DesignRGenes. Thanks for your support!


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