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I thought I would share with you some of the books I've been reading recently.  For the last several years most of my reading has been on-line.  Also due to the fact that my eyesight is not as good as it used to be, reading, even with reading glasses requires just the right light. That means I must read near a lamp or in direct sunlight. That is a little off-putting for the gal who my parents called eagle eye, and would call on me to read the tiny or faint print on antiques they were collecting.

Enter the world of Kindles and tablets.  I can adjust the brightness, change the background and increase the font size to suit my needs.  Yay!  I am reading again.  Not as much as I used to, but indeed, reading.  It's a beautiful thing.

Books I've Read

Take The Star Road (The Maxwell Saga - Book One) - Peter Grant
Ride The Rising Tide (The Maxwell Saga - Book Two) - Peter Grant
Adapt and Overcome (The Maxwell Saga - Book Three) - Peter Grant
Christmas at Harrington's - Melody Carson
City of God: Transgression - R.S. Ingermanson
City of God: Premonition- R.S. Ingermanson
City of God: Retribution- R.S. Ingermanson
Breaking Light - Heather Hanson

Currently Reading

Coming Soon

Strings and Bones - Kim Talon
Stand Against The Storm (The Maxwell Saga - Book Four) - Peter Grant

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